Audio Game Hub
Based in Auckland, New Zealand

Founding date:
April 17, 2016

Release date:
April 17, 2016


Press / Business contact:
[email protected]

Youtube: AudioGameHub


“We believe games should be for everyone!” Here at Audio Game Hub our vision is sound; literally. We specialise in using sounds and music to create games for both sighted and non-sighted users. Simply close your eyes and let your imagination run free. AGH contains eight audio mini-games, designed for both non-sighted and sighted users. Multiple genres of casual video games were adapted into accessible audio equivalents, each designed with unique interaction patterns and gameplay mechanics. Become a millionaire by playing in the casino, go back in time to attend the medieval archery contest or prove yourself by battling against the finest samurai warriors of the land. Think you can do it with your eyes closed?


The idea

“Nobody makes games for us” were the words of a blind gamer that launched this collaborative project, aimed at bringing the fun of video games to the nearly 300 million visually impaired around the world, as well as the many more who want to play by sound rather than sight. Put simply, most of the games made for the visually impaired currently in the market are much more simple than traditional video games and unfortunately, many audio games are not as developed in terms of depth, diversity, quality or good replay-ability. Clearly, there is a need and a responsibility to provide the visually impaired with richer gameplay than what is currently available. And this is where we come in to continue this good deed and expand on our original project.

Our story

Audio Game Hub originated as a PhD research project at Auckland University of Technology and was released in April 2016. Since our original launch, the application has gathered over 33,000 downloads, excellent reviews, ratings and feedbacks and have even received awards from the Play by Play Festival and Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).


    Slot Machines



    Samurai Tournament

    Samurai Dojo





Trailer YouTube

Gameplay YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner of the Representation Award on the Play by Play International Games Festival." - 18th-23rd April 2016, Wellington, New Zealand
  • "App of the month award by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)." - September 2016, United Kingdom
  • "Winner of the AUTEL Innovation Challenge." - 26th November 2015, Auckland, New Zealand
  • "Finalist at the Lighting Lab Auckland programme." - March - July 2016, Auckland, New Zealand


  • "Hi, I wanted to write this email to express not only my thanks and gratitude but also my complete amazement of your Audio games hub app. I am partially sighted and my wife is fully sighted and to be able to play games with her is just fantastic. You made possible something I thought I wouldn't ever see. It's about the games yes certainly, but the experiences, the laughs and fun we can have because both sighted and visually impaired people can play these set of excellent games together. So for the fun we have had so far and the fun we will have in the future I can't thank you enough. I hope more games will be on the way, at the moment Android doesn't have allot of high quality audio games but yours is certainly one of the best. Thank you and take care."
    - Riz, Audio Game Hub user
  • "Hello, I'm writing to tell you how much I love this app! I'm blind and use it on the iPhone platform, and it is so great to finally have an accessible game hub app... maybe you guys could create a pro version where one would have to pay a little bit and you guys can include some extra games as well, because I would love to be able to support you guys even on a fixed income because this is such a wonderful app!"
    - Mary, Audio Game Hub user

App store download link
Got an iPhone? iPad? Check the game out at itunes.apple.com.

Google play store download link
Got an Android phone? Get the game at play.google.com.

PC download link
Want to try the Windows version? Get it at audiogamehub.com.

Team Members

Jarek Beksa
Originator, Team leader, Audio Engineer and Designer

Jeong Su Jeon
Lead Unity Developer

David Delgado
Unity Developer, Social Media Marketing and Writer

Vincent 'Vinny' Polehwidhi
Scripts and Social Networking

Juan Rodriguez
Web Designer and Unity Developer

Rory Juranovich
Unity Developer

Tarn Tarn
Website Developer and Unity Developer

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